Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Amazon TV

I just watched the first episode of Amazon's talkshow "Fishbowl". The weekly show, hosted by Bill Maher is produced in the standard 30 minute network talkshow format. It makes sense for Amazon to produce entertainment content associated with the products they sell. What feels off to me is the old-school TV format, complete with monologue, studio audience and commercials. Isn't this a model that is supposed to be on it's deathbed. It seems like a lot of investment to have guests come on and briefly talk about their latest project while a wanker like Maher makes wise-cracks.

It seems there are so many other approached they could have tried.

Sundace did a series call Iconoclasts that paired interesting personalities. I've only seen the episode where Tom Ford interviews Jeff Coons. It was fantastic. Why not get two writers to interview each other. Cross-sell anyone?

Why not IFC's Dinner for Five approach. You could always pull shorter clips from the discussions that relate to specific products to appear on individual product pages within Amazon.

I always liked the Charlie Rose Show. 30 minutes with a guest, in-depth discussions. Is the studio audience and the band necessary for an internet talk show. I wouldn't miss the insipid monologue or stupid wise-cracks.

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