Saturday, June 03, 2006

A big week for short hairs

Earlier this week I posted on Norelco's excellent online campaign Shave Everything for the BodyGroom. (See original post) Actually, I just went to that link and saw this hilarious image.

I had a couple of things I wanted to add to that post. The tell a friend feature sends an email with "The shaver that inspired a music video" in the subject line and "You need to see this.". The component that is shared and sent just doesn't live up to everything else in this outstanding work. I would rectify this and shoot another video that is posted to YouTube and Google video. In this video the guy in the robe, still in the robe, is lying on his psychiatrists couch and talking about his masculinity and what it says about him if he shaves his body. "If I shave my balls does it mean I'm gay". The shrink could reassure him, tell him that he, in fact, just purchased a Norelco BodyGroom. You're only gay if you shave someone else's testicles. I think that this is a very real issue. 3 years ago I went out with a woman that said 'What's with all the guy's in Manhattan being shaved down like gay porn stars". I think there still exists some psychological barriers to adopting metrosexual lifestyle habits. I'd love to see a poll on body grooming, broken down by area on the body, with results by demographic.

The music video is outstanding. Be sure not to overlook it.

Next is No Scruf, a protest organization started by a former swimsuit model to protest and combat hairy scruff on men.

Actually, its Gilette's foray into viral marketing. The viral video (still shown above) portrays the nightmare world in which women stop shaving their arm pits and legs. Amusing, but could be shorter. Fratboy/Maxim humor.

And finally, Gillette announced that Mariah Carey is the “legs ofGillettee”. Standard old school use of celebrity endorsement. (Translation: Low level of brand relevancy)

Scaramouch, on YESbutNObutYES had a funny take on this.

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