Monday, June 05, 2006

Bye (for now) and thanks for all the ham-handed product placements

In my mind, this red harring of a final season will be most remembered for Johnycakes and ham-handed product placements.

In episode 1 alone:

Season 1 starts with a hypotic montage that features a reading by William S. Burroughs ad this remarkable juxtaposition. A close-up of Janice's Rolling Stones "tit-tat" followed closely by a close-up of a NesQuik branded model train. It doesn't get much more Freudian than that. (Everyone knows choo-choos are sexual)

Next, is a FedEx envelope being opened and a plug for David Yurman watches.

There were 3 SCENES to plug the Porsche Cayenne

Ray-Ban and Armani both get a plug i this eyewear shop scene.

I was going to review episode 1 ad leave it at that but I would be remiss if I didn't point out that season 6, episode 7 "Luxury Lounge" was completely devoted to product placement, including the featured Hollyword stars.

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