Monday, June 05, 2006

If this isn't a foreshadowing....

All the way back in Episode 1 of this season (6).

I love the way that Vito eyeballs Eugene before he bites the hotdog, just priceless.
And look at the way he's holding the dog, like he's a swordswallower or something.

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sir issac hayes newton said...

during the "moe n joe" episode, tony visited dr. melfi (should be dr. MILFi) twice, which i think happens very infrequently. have you or anyone else noticed that the very detailed figurine of the nude women (fully etched genital detail) seems to have changed postion during Tony's two appointments? during the first appointment, the nude figurine is bent over backwards with arms extended. during the next appointment, the nude figurine is upright with arms extended. surely, dr. melfi does not have several different bronze figurines of various positioning that she displays for tony's appointments. so i ask, what's going on here? could the "dancing" figurine represent dr. melfi's uninhibited fantasies of romantic or sexual desire for tony? hmmm................?