Sunday, June 11, 2006

Its like an energy bar with curves.

That was the headline that appeared above this photo in an ad I saw in a NYC subway car this afternoon. (Very frustrating that I could not find pictures of the ads online to include with this post.)

I have a fondness for simple ads that consist of powerful headline/image juxtaposition. Anyway, it got me thinking about my tequila slogan. I wonder if there is an Agave Plant Growers association I should get in touch with?

I spent the remainder of the subway ride coming up with additional headlines.
(My original slogan for Tequila is "Tequila goes in, asshole comes out".)

Here are the others I came up with:

Tequila. You can't regret what you don't remember.

Tequila. Liquid Testicle Prosthesis.

More Kamikaze pilots prefer Tequila.

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