Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Art School at The Sherman Foundation: Poetry where the medium fails

Sometimes the most interesting area of a medium or use of a tool is here is begins to fail, to become unstable. Think of Jimmy Hendrix incorporating feedback into the sound of his music or Stan Brakhage intentionally scratching and abusing super-8 film when people normally went to great lengths to handle it very carefully.

Although I own a couple of very nice digital cameras, I find myself having much more fun with the built in camera on my Treo 650 phone. One of the complaints I have of my Canon PowerShot S410 and my Nikon D-70 is that its hard to take a bad picture with them. There isn't a lot of wiggle-room to misuse them. The Treo's camera however falls apart in low light and when faced with bright light sources. Recently I have been enjoying taking shots where both of these issues are brought into play.

Here are a few recent shots.

Art School at The Sherman Foundation: The Subtraction Strategy
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