Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Axe Deoderant

Unilever introduced the Axe brand into the U.S. market four years ago. It has become a market leader in that short time. A remarkable feat for a brand in a mature category.

Instead of the commonly used sports/performance approach of most products in this category, the marketing for Axe "Body Spray" deoderant is about sexuall prowess and the seduction of women. It is positioned as a tool to help young men aquire sex.

There is a good >Ad Age story one some of the smart moves they have made. For instance, throwing pairs of Axe branded, women's underwear into men's dryerloads on college campuses.

Take a look at the content rich assult the brand has launched online. Its take-no-prisoners. (And for good reason, the deoderant category is in the U.S. is worth about $7 Mil A DAY). In addition to the primary site there are 2 sitelettes.

1. The Game Killers, a sitelette linked to off of the Axe web site, is about the "people out there whose sole mission in life is to cause you to blow your cool and lose the girl."

They even created an MTV dating show called The Game Killers

2. The Order of the Serpentine, a sacred brotherhood helping young men overcome the shame caused by questioable hook-ups.

Ya-Ya Brotherhood

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