Monday, July 03, 2006

Bold Moves

Being a Detroit native and offspring of 2 generations of men who worked in the automotive industry, stories about Detroit and in particular, Ford, hit close to home. (My grandfather is quoted and referenced many times in Ralph Nadar's Unsafe at any speed. Hated the man.)

A good friend and colleague worked on Bold Moves an online real-time documentary that chronicles Ford's struggle to regain profitability and relevance.

Be sure and watch the intro video. It shows meetings with Ford and JWT folks discussing the approach before the project was given a green light.

I believe the director is Joe Berlinger who did Some kind of Monster, The Metallica Documentary. Watching James Hatfield pick his daughter up from ballet lessons and the band talking about their feelings with a $40,000 a month therapist is truly amusing.

On a related note. I read Taken for a Ride a few months back. Its the story of how Daimler punk'd and hustled Chrysler out of their company. A fascinating read.

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