Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Cake Decorating

I was at Maggie Moos, waiting in line for my methedone gelato and I started to flip through the book of cakes available from cakes.com. They have everything from the Power Rangers and Spongebob to a cake for the latest Pixar movie Cars.

Besides thinking that the competitive landscape for Cookie Puss has shifted dramatically I was reminded of Brian Eno and his interest in a unified theory of aesthetics.

"...why people do culture, what it does for us, what we actually call culture, which things do we include in that category, and which things do we leave out. I have two intentions in thinking about this. One is that I want to find a single language within which one can talk about fashion, CAKE DECORATION, Cezanne, abstract paintings, architecture ÷ within which one can discuss any what one might call nonfunctional, stylistic behavior ÷ which is what humans actually spend more and more of their time doing." From A Big Theory Of Culture, A Talk With Brian Eno

Scaramouche (Godfatherer of yesbutnobutyes) has a better half and she does some fantastic work in the field of cake. I asked him if she could make me a cake that looked like a human heart. (The above just don't do it for me. They lack.....Menacece") I was sent a link to They're Coming which has the recipe/instructions for the Thorax Cake (shown below).

I am actually quite a good cook but my skills have snuffleupagus status. Few people havexperienceded it and no one believes it.

Death by Chocolate Cake is a great book in my arsenal. My favorite recipe for this book is for the Chocolate Heart oDarkessss Cakes (Below)

When I told Miss Snickerdoodle I was creating a post on cake decorating she said I would be remiss if I failed to mention Sylvia Weinstock and Gail Watson. (Cakes by Weinstock and Watson respectively)

Off the top of my head I have 2 cake ideas.
1. A Russian Roulette Wheel Cake (With Kremlyovskaya Chocolate Vodka, optional) with a single cyanide capsule baked into it. (I guess you could substitute a sour flavored Skittle if you wanted to remove the homicidalle element. )
2. An India/Pakistan cake with ICBM candles.

So, thanks to Brian Enoeverythingme I see a decorated cake I think of nofunctionalal, stylistibehaviorir and what its creation, in all its forms "means". Culture in this sense is everything we do that we don't "need" to do. I mean "need" in a stricter sense, as in Maslow'Hierarchyhy of Needs (everything below self-actualization I guess). We need shelter, but we don't really need architecture. We need to eat, but we don't really neecuisineie or cake decorating.

I have a third cake idea. A Maslow's Hierarchyhy of Needs cake.

I need to get something off my chest. The Cupcakes aMagnoliaia Bakery are way overrated and anyone who waits in that line is a douchebag. A NY douchebag that would think a Top Hat is good if Daily Candy told you they were awesome.


Hoping4more said...

ooh, I like that (Maslow's hierarchy of needs cake...) What about a triple decker cake of Freud's super-ego, ego, and ID?? would be cool, no?

The super-ego could be pristine, victorian decoration on the edges, white and creme,

Ego could have cultural norms and "American idols" of whatever form dazzled on it: it has to be something standard and acceptible!

ID has be be very nasty, delicious, primally tempting. super turbo chocolate something something...

somehow these three come together into one cake, still very distinct though...what do you think?

not that I know anything about cakes, but that sounded fun to me!

Tom Sherman said...

thats awesome! I like the Freud cake better than the Maslow.

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