Saturday, July 29, 2006

Concept for a NYC Bar: "The Neighbors"

When it comes to discovering fertile ground for new aesthetic or stylistic inspiration, looking where you think is the last place anyone would look is a standard approach. But to be truly revolutionary and iconoclastic you need to have the guts to look in areas that are scorned, disdained and held in contempt.

The granularly divided Social groups and overly stratified castes of Manhattan are united in their contempt and disdain for middle class, Middle America. This makes it, in my view, a great area for exploration.

This is what I was thinking about when I came up with a concept for a NY bar called "The Neighbors". Its a theme bar modeled after a lived in, pre-fab, suburban home in Middle America. I think a two-story model with a circular floor plan would work best.

Lets suspend the reality of things like fire codes and imagine how the concept would be executed, ideally. It would be a mess! There would be a 3 week old pile of newspapers on the ironing board. A laundry basket of unfolded clothes on the staircase. Dog-chewed legos on the family room carpet. Shoes cast off in very direction.

Of course the basement would house the VIP Action and the bedrooms upstairs would be for small private groups.

LCD screens would be installed to look like widows looking out on suburbia. The big bay widows in the living room would provide a view of the front yard and driveway. Occasionally you would catch a glimpse of the mailman coming up the drive or neighborhood kids walking past on the sidewalk.

(Let me make clear that I do not share in the ever increasing coastal contempt for Middle America. I belief the so-called cultural war is largely media manufactured. Its the majors news media's way of playing Jerry Springer and keeping the us distracted and divided.)


Anonymous said...

"thou art truly insane"

thus sayeth the LORD.

Nixta said...

I love it! But make it bigger! Bar-stools should boxes of matches or balls of cotton wool, and the tables in the corner should be lego heads.