Monday, July 24, 2006

Creative giant Fallon ripping off old-school JWT?

I can't say for certain but it sure does resemble the Merrill+ Visa Card stuff I worked on at JWT over 2 years ago.

Screen shot of Citi ATM taken yesterday.

Images from Merrill+ VIsa Card collateral. This was the second most sucessful product lauch in the company's history.

My eyebrows were first raised last week when I saw Citi collateral that used graphic elements exactly like those I developed for the Merrill+ Card website.


Nixta said...

Is there scope in your industry to follow legal action for such blatant plagiarism, or is like like DMC's industry where everyone just takes each element of another design and puts them together... er... the same way, and creates the same one again. Just about.

Scaramouch said...

Sueing ad agencies for plagiarism would be like suing people on nudist beaches for flashing.

Nixta said...

I see. Entirely justified and not done nearly often enough.

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