Thursday, July 13, 2006

HBO Entourage Outdoor

There is a great idea here that wants to happen.

The street-level outdoor "billboard" shown above, is larger than lifesize. Had it been done exactly to scale, people could have stopped, posed with the gang, had their picture taken and in effect becoming part of the entourage. The outdoor unit becomes a viral piece of advertising as the pictures taken are shared. This unit is at 42nd st and 6 ave in NYC. One block from Times Sq.

Lets take it one step further. The characters and some of the elements in the photo could be created as free-standing, silhouetted elements in front of the background. A life size shadow box. Now people can pose with their arm around Vince's shoulder, shake hands with Ari, fight with Turtle over the car keys, help Drama put out a grease fire or grab Lloyds ass. There could be several around the city. The kitchen in the boy's house, Ari's office a nightclub where the boys are hanging out...

There could be a real person, an HBO shill posed as Lloyds assistant with a good digital camera. Take shots, gather some customer data, hand out booklets with coming HBO features and future shows.

Or you can just put a really big picture on the side of a building.

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