Sunday, July 09, 2006

Job Posting: Master of the Macabre

With Independence Day behind us we can begin to focus our energy on the coming of Halloween. This however makes me painfully aware that since the passing of Vincent Price on October 25, 1993 there has been no one to fill the role of Master of the Macabre. Its wide open.

Actor, art collector and gourmet cook, Vincent Price made a career for himself in the Horror film genre. He was the go-to man if a project needed to be injected with a dose of the macabre. He appeared on The Brady Bunch, Alice Cooper's first album and Michael Jackson's Thriller.

"Vincent", Tim Burton's first animated short is about a boy who wants to be Vincent Price. Price himself narrates.

A favorite toy from my childhood is the Vincent Price Shrunken Head Apple Sculpture kit. I can still remember the smell made by the apple cooking over a light bulb and the weird rubbery feel of the finished head.

There may never be another to fill the role of Master of the Macabre, certainly not like Vincent Price.


Tom Sherman said...

Optimal Zen captured the essence of Vincent Price. He said "he was the Carey Grant of creepy.

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