Thursday, July 13, 2006

Logo Revisions

In January Kodak announced a logo change. I'm not sure how many people noticed or cared. I actually like the old logo better. The new typography is going to look very dated very soon. One of the reasons Kodak was named Kodak was for the two typographically decisive Ks in the name. The dynamic shape in the old logo echoes the Ks. The horizontal rules in the new logo neutralize that dynamism.

The UPS logo revision on the other hand really knotted some kickers in the graphic design world. The original as designed by the legendary Paul Rand in 1961. I can understand why they wanted to update their identity but may graphic designers viewed this as sacrilege.

No one knows how to muck about with a logo like Prudential. Can you guess which one is from the 80s? They sure did like making white lines back then.

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