Thursday, July 13, 2006

Love is 85% Smell

I believe Tom Robbins wrote that somehere but I have not been able to confirm.

The sense of smell is probably the least understood and explored of all the human senses but it may be the strongest in terms of associative memory. My head floods with forgotten memories of my grandmother when I pass someone on the street wearing the same talcy perfume that she wore.

I had a dating service idea based on the sense of smell. There would be an online tool to do the initial profiling. I won't go into that here but I do have some cool interface ideas. Once prospective dates have been selected you would receive a t-shirt worn to bed by that person (Once should suffice). Taking in someone's personal aroma can be a powerful qualifier as to whether or not exploring further intimacy is desirable.

Of course there are a whole rage of expressive possibilities with t-shirts. Pain, with a quote, favorite band, favorite color, size???
I've always been a fan of the Wiener Dog t-shirts.

My favorite t-shirt, by Grail. THANK YOU Gigi!

Although I as unable to confirm that the title of this post is a quote attributable to Tom Robbins I did find this:
Young girls are the biological equivalent of "new car smell." - Tom Robbins

Sherman Foundation T-Shirt #1: I went to the light and all I got was this crap t-shirt.
Sherman Foundation T-Shirt #2: POW! Right in the f***ing feelings.
Sherman Foundation T-Shirt #3: Tequila goes in. Asshole comes out.

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