Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Natives are Shooting Back!

Shooting Back is the phrase I now like to use to describe consumers ability to retaliate against campanies that fail to be responsible or meet expectations in the age of participatory media.

Here are some examples.

On Jaffe Juice, Joseph Jaffe reported that individuals where threatening to boycott Philips Electronics over a patent filing for a technology that would prevent consumers from skipping television ads. A patent filing! (Itchy trigger fingers) Here is the original story from Engadget.

Matthew Peterson was the young man that setup the site (formerly, to share his grievances about his broken iPod Nano screen.

iPods Dirty Secret is the film short about iPods short battery life. Here is a link to CNETs coverage of the story.

I just posted about Vincent Ferrari, who recorded his frustrating customer service call with AOL when he phoned to cancel his account.

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