Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Robert Anton Wilson

I read recently on the Huffington Post that Robert Anton Wilson has been ill and is receiving hospice care. I read most of RAWs non-fiction books in my youth and consider him a cherished influence on my thinking and spirituality. Thank you Bob.

Robert Anton Wilson synthesized:
Aleister Crowley
Alred Korzybsky
Buckminster Fuller
Computer Sciennce
James Joyce
General Sematics
Marshall McLuhan
Neuro Linguistic Programming
The Three Stooges
Timothy Leary
Zen Buddhism
and much, much, much, more more into what he referred to as Guerilla Ontology.

My favorite book by RAW is Prometheus Rising. I will go into more detail on this book when I add it to the Dangerous Ideas Reading List in the near future.

Here is a YouTube clip from Maybe Logic, a documetary about RAW.

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