Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I have a very dear and beloved friend that has a very dear and beloved family member with a very unique way of looking at the world at times. Often, the pronouncements he makes are brow raising. One day, while listening to him speak I came up with the concept of Stereotips: insights and tips for living based on useful stereotypes. We started recording some of these bits in the hopes of compiling into a book. I thought I would share a couple today.

1. Flight attendants should be pleasing to the eye and be able to move around a crowded airplane aisle with great agility and speed. Therefore, they should not be fat nor should they be over the age of 45.

2. It is impossible to become a successful restaurateur. Landlords are greedy. The moment you start to do well they will raise the rent until they take all your money and drive you out of business.

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