Friday, July 21, 2006

Who knew Verizon could get funky fresh?

I didn't. But they just did.

Verizon (with the work of R/GA has just launched the Beatbox Mixer as part of their Richer, Deeper, Broader' campaign. Very fun and very well done!

From: Verizon looks to extend its online mixing campaignVerizon_looks_to_extend_its_online_mixing_campaign.
"Visitors to the site can blend up to three pre-recorded tracks of music to create their own personalized mix, which can be saved and shared. The pre-recorded, digital tracks - or beats - were produced by five leading beatboxers: Rahzel of the Roots, Butterscotch, Click, Masai Electro and Max B. New York-based beatboxer Baba Israel is the voice of the tour guide on the Beatbox Mixer back story."


Anonymous said...

I kicked some great mixes on the site. Thanks for the tip.

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