Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Working Backwards

This spot for Guiness by BBDO London was a big winner at this years Cannes festival. Nicely done.

I had a film idea years ago. The life of Christ, in Reverse.
The opening would go something like this:
Christ descends from heaven goes into a cave and dies. His body is removed by friends and taken to Mount Calvary. There, he is raised onto the cross and spikes are inserted into the holes in his hands and feet. Gradually, he comes alive and regains consciousness. Roman soldiers remove the cuts from his back using a whip. Pontius Pilot sets him free. We follow the story of the tree as it is reconstituted from lumber to a tree and put back up in a wooded area among other anonymous trees.

Other scenes in the movie:
Christ goes into a temple and cleans up for the money lenders, fixes their smashed idols.

Addressing a crowd of five thousand, Christ has them pass food from their mouths to the apostles. From this, five barley loaves and two small fishes are created. The fish are given to fisherman, placed in nets and released into the sea.

Christ turns wine into water.

On his last day on earth, three kings arrive on earth to take from him Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.

Christ is ever seen or heard from again. Credits roll as a the backmasked words of an angel dry Mary's tears.


I thought I was pretty clever (and still do). When I told a coworker about my film she told me about the book Times Arrow by Martin Amis. Its the story of the life a Nazi doctor, in reverse. An amazing, powerful book.

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