Friday, August 25, 2006

...Actors, Prostitutes and Lepers

If you haven't already noticed, my mind works like a Cubist painting, grafting together splintered insights and shards of tangential associations.

I was just trying to confirm online somewhere, the idea that clowns originated during the plague, when people would paint smiles on their faces and go out into the streets to laugh in the face of death. Then I got distracted photoshopping a clown photo I found on Google.

I did eventually stumble over to Wikipdia where I spotted the following passage:
The clown of this era and eras previous to it were also associated with jugglers, who were seen as the pariahs of society alongside actors, prostitutes and lepers...

Maybe it's time that Hollywood's vapid, overpriveledged players be return to their rightful place of status amongst the whores, lepers and jugglers. Recent examples (Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson) show what happens when they are given a little leash. They shit the rug.

It is a serious overstepping of bounds when actors are given a platform for words NOT written by someone else. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills when I hear someone like Susan Sarandon spout liberal politics. I'll start listening when these over-resouced dumplings call for a redistribution of wealth and social status. They're concern for others seems so disengenuous given the fact that they work for an industry that produces mostly mind numbing, value eroding crap.

Social scientists often describe Hollywood as functioning alongside the "Military Industrial Complex" (or "Military-Entertainment Complex"), to keep the population entertained, distracted and stupid so that administrations like the current one can go unchallenged and unchecked even when the policies and actions are questionable in their legality or interests served. Thanks for your help Susan, who's side are you on again?

The Democratic Party is hopelessly lost as long as it draws on the support this kind of liberal hypocrisy and the shallow intellects of the "look at me" people.

I no longer take sides in political debates. I see my role as one similar to the trickster, pointing out the madness and burning cigarette holes in the fabric of conventional reality.

From Wikipedia: A trickster is a god, goddess, spirit, human hero or anthropomorphic animal who plays pranks or otherwise disobeys normal rules and norms of behavior. Related topically to clowns. See we're back.

Many people are scared of clowns. I'm scared of Melanie Griffith. You really need to see her site if you haven't yet.

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Nixta said...

I want to puke in Melanie Griffith's mouth and eyes.

TSF, thanks for writing this piece. I feel less alone.

Page by page, minute by minute, Melanie Griffiths reveals even more terrifying traits:

Dear Inner Self,
If it is your will, please reveal to me in a dream tonight the positive way to (insert problem here) in order to become closer to you.

With love and respect,
(Insert your name)

What a stupid whore.