Monday, August 21, 2006

The answer is 672.

Wikipedia claims the answer is 672.

"Serious" academic studies have been conducted to delved into lick research. Students at Purdue and Michigan went so far as to create licking machines. Who couldn't use a licking machine?

Wikipedia also has all the 411 on Tootsie lore, including one popularly circulated rumor was that a wrapper with the Indian shooting a star could be redeemed for a free Tootsie Pop. Although untrue, it was honored by many merchants.

The Tootsie site also has storyboards for Tootsie Fable, "How Many Licks" and a number of other spots including Whatever It Is I Think I See.

This post was actually prompted by the many Tootsie T-shirts I've spotted in Manhattan lately.

Don't Talk to Bears, a Tootsie parody.

Eating Snickers may make you nuts.

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