Friday, August 18, 2006

Big brands under fire

Has Coke become the new McDonald's?
An exccellent article on Coke's worldwide image problems. Here's an overview:

Allegations that Coca-Cola killed fish by pumping untreated waste into a lagoon near Lagos

Protesters disrupt relay of Olympic torch on route to Turin winter games

Charges that drinks contain 27 times the permitted levels of pesticides and water reserves have been depleted

Colombia, Guatemala, Nicaragua
Claims of ignoring anti-union abuses

United States
Universities, postal workers and teachers vote to remove products

Allegations of ignoring intimidation and beatings of union activists

Linked to authoritarian government

Apple is inreasingly the topic of negative news articles.
DownhillBattle covers the issues many people have with Apple and iTunes. (I personally have stopped buying anything from iTunes.)

Apple admits MacBook, MacBook Pro issues
Anti-iTunes DRM demonstrations across the USA tomorrow
Apple sues itself in the foot (again)
Judging Apple Sweatshop Charge
Apple: No Sweatshop IPod Labor
Problems surfacing with iPod Nano screen

Nobody has straddled the love/hate line like Nike.

The Natives are Shooting Back
Opening a Dialog with Consumers
The Natives are Talking Back

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