Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Bowerbird for Bic Disposable Razors

"Male bowerbirds weave fancy stick structures called bowers to impress female birds. Some bowers are simply two walls of sticks while others are shaped like domes. Once the construction of these bowers is complete, the birds don't stop there.
They look for all kinds of colorful objects to decorate the structure: shiny beetle skeletons, feathers, leaves, bones and shells, and even pieces of glass, plastic , and aluminum foil.

If a male builds a sturdy, well-decorated bower, he'll succeed in attracting one or more mates. To increase his chances he may even try to STEAL decorations from other bowers," explains Gerald Borgia, a scientist who studied hundreds of bowers in Australia and New Guinea."

(Text lifted from SuperScience Magazine)

Judging from the number of blue Bic Disposable Razors strewn about the Bower's ghetto loveshack he likes his birds shaved down smooth.

In the real world you never know how your product will be used.

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