Monday, August 14, 2006


To the creators of:


They are the winners of The Sherman Foundation's Snicker's Made-up Wrapper Word Contest

They have each won a case of Take 5 candy bars..

Here are the entrants that were received.

The inciting post: Eating Snickers may make you nuts.


Tom Sherman said...

I received this exciting email from DNAgal, winner in the contest and creator of "Peanuthin"

How exciting! I knew that I could win if I only put in enough entries! I
didn't even vote for myself! or anyone else for that matter! (Although I
did really like obeserific)

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go get my sequined gown dry cleaned and
make an appointment for hair and make up for the awards show. Will it be
broadcast live? How much time do I have to work on my acceptance speech?

Hmmn. Acceptance speech key elements:
1. Express total self-effacing surprise at being selected.
2. Comment on weight of award statue or in this case, 1/2 full box of candy
3. Thank deity of choice.
4. Thank the judges
5. Thank my agent, lawyer and hairstylist
6. Dedicate award to dead relative
7. Direct vague yet wordy inspirational statement to my young fans that gets drowned out by the "get-off-the-stage orchestra"
8. Forget to thank spouse (particularly bad given that he voted for me) and engineer pathetic post-show backstage press conference gushing session about how wonderful he is and how I can't believe that I forgot to thank him onstage, while making a mental note to give him a blowjob later to make up
for it.

Kickstand said...

Gee, who knew a real life incident could turn into a case of sugary horror. Perhaps you should send my case to BBDO who lost the account.