Monday, August 07, 2006

The End?

THE END, a three-part series about the end of TV, radio and print airing on CBC Newsworld. There is additional info and you can watch all 3 parts on their site.

(From the site)
"The experts have spoken. Mass media is reported to be on its last legs. A handful of new media entities with remarkably silly names: Blogs, Vlogs, YouTube, Podcasts, and Yahoo! are leading the charge, leaving traditional forms of communications to play catch-up or get left behind. "

"The CBC's pop culture specialist Jian Ghomeshi ponders the fate of mass media and asks whether we are nearing a world without television, radio or print in THE END, a three-part series airing on CBC Newsworld."


There is a 4 part conversation between Lee Clow and Alex Bogusky on AdCritic. There really aren't any mind blowing insights here. (I still have to check out stuff like this when its a legend like Clow.) At one point the topic of the 30 second spot come up and Alex Bogusky says something to the effect of it not being dead, just sick.

The range of responses on the 30 second spots life/death responses are interesting.
• No one still making them and getting paid for it are gonna concede how bad things are looking so you hear a lot of things like "its sick".
• Some people are looking for the next big thing or treating things like social media as the next big thing. I think the lesson in what is going on is that there are no more big things. There are no UFOs coming to save you. Sorry folks.
• And a few lost souls are still in denial.

On Participatory Media and User Generated Conte


Scaramouch said...

Wise words.

Anonymous said...

When Google pays 900Mil over 3 years to News corp for the parent company of MY SPACE (see the times biz section) the jig is basically up.

Tom Sherman said...

good point