Thursday, August 24, 2006

From Wang to ejaculation target in no time flat.

I just read that Vera Wang will be peddling her shmatas at Khol's.

Why Vera?

This got me thinking about weekend circular's from Kohl's and Mervyn's and the bra spreads. When you are a horny 15 year old adolescent the weekend paper is a gift from the gods.

It will be a sad day indeed for teenage boys when those are replaced for good by web pages. Sneaking off to the bathroom with your laptop doesn't leave you with much "plausible deniability".

All this gives me a great idea for Target. One suitable only for the print medium. (Well I guess we could do a laptop screen sticker.)

Feel free to print this out for practice.

And last, I leave you with the t-shirt design I comp'd yesterday. Synchronicities abound!

OK. 1 more thing. The Buzzcocks performing Orgasm Addict.


Nixta said...

You are a sick and very very twisted man. There should be a paper tissue attached at the top of the page, like a fabric swatch.

Anonymous said...
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