Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Pioneering Medical Concepts: Elective Dialysis

The Sherman Foundation, committed as it is to saving the world, is stepping out of its comfort zone of misguided creative brilliance to dabble in the appliance of science to come up with some forward thinking medical concepts.

I have some friends that consume A LOT of alcohol. I'm taking about silos of Japanese Beer and enough shots of Jameson's whiskey to wipe out an Indian tribe if any still exited. It's not their fault, they're agency account guys and they don't have my creative outlets or good looks. Although I pity their aesthetic and intellectual handicaps I love them deeply.

Most insurance companies aren't forward thinking enough or support the idea of preventitive medicine seriously enough to offer kidney dialysis on an elective basis. What I've decided to do is put aside what I would spend on my next haircut and buy my friends a dialysis machine on ebay. I think I can have it shipped directly to a church basement in Westchester County where they could get together each month and administer each other's treatment.

If anyone from the medical community is reading I could use some input on a concept. Does a keychain blacklight pen flashlight and magnifying glass that comes with iodine swabs make sense as a self-detection method for warts? I hear that HPV is at epidemic levels in the ad industry.


Anonymous said...

when can i make an appoinment? i have medicaid....

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