Monday, August 14, 2006

Product Concept: The Cast 'n Blast

My family has a cottage in a Northern part of a Midwestern State. There are a few neighbors in the area, but for the most part it trees. Miles and miles of trees. It's really quite beautiful.

The last time I was there was many years ago. I went up with my brother and our girlfriends. As we approached the cottage I spotted something that looked very much out of place to me. A rabbit. Not the wild-looking, jackrabbit type of rabbit I was accustomed to seeing in the area, but something one might more appropriately refer to as a bunny. Something you might purchase for a child as a pet. It was white with black spots and a puffy tail. The brown wild rabbits I was familiar with would have shot off like a rocket as we approached. This domesticated-looking thing didn't. It just went about its business, meandering slowly, sniffing grass. "What the hell is that?" I asked my brother. "C, (our neighbor), has been breeding them and releasing them into the wild", he replied. "What for?", I asked. "To hunt, I think".

This moment really stuck with me for some time. The visual of, what appeared to me, a domesticated creature, in this wild, wooded environment was weird. There is an important point I need to make here. I am not an accredited zoologist nor do I hold an advanced degree in any of the environmental sciences. I don't really know that this was a domesticated breed of rabbit or that introducing it into this particular ecosystem was alarmingly irresponsible (although that concern did leap to mind immediately). What I am describing here are strictly my personal perceptions at the time.

The oddest irony of the whole situation for me was the idea of breeding, and releasing into the wild, just about the least formidable creature I have ever set eyes on.

This was they story I told at dinner to my friends NIxta and DaniMc in an Village restaurant a few years ago. We were having a great time and a lot of fun discussing this. Out of the laughter, and the wine, and the speculation popped a product concept befitting the challenge posed by the tracking and the hunting of such unique game. It combines the thrill of the kill with the passive aggressiveness that only fishing can deliver.

We called it: The Cast 'n Blast.
One part rifle and one part attached, retractable fishing rod. All part of an efficient and fun, mash-up application of termination technology. Simply bait the rod. In this case a carrot seems most appropriate. CAST the bait from a comfortable, seated position. Wait for the bait to draw the attention of your mark. Reel it in... nice 'n slow. Then draw your target in as close as you can. I know the whole point of a firearm is the ability to deliver death across distance but there's no need to walk any further than you have to when it comes time to claim your kill. Get thumper in the crosshairs and gently pull the trigger... BLAST!

Nixta took the initiative to develop a "Boil the Bunny Kit" but its development stumbled when he discovered he could not draw bunnies.

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