Saturday, August 12, 2006

Recognizing untouched market needs in unexpected places

There are instances when it takes too long for a market need to be recognized by product manufacturers and marketers. A great example of this is the grooming of male body hair. Metrosexuals have been using products originally unintended for that purpose for years now without any advertising selling them on the concept. Homosexuals for even longer. About four months ago Norelco introduced the Norelco Bodygroomer (BG2020) and launched a great campaign that brought into public discourse the subject of grooming male body hair. By having the courage to act first they have, in a sense, given life to a legitimate new category and now have the opportunity to be it's market leader.

There is another category for which products have been developed, that is patiently waiting to for a brand that is brave enough to bring it into public discourse and become its champion and market leader.

I am part of a small but growing constituency of men who now feel uncomfortable evacuating their bowels and leaving the restroom having only wiped their posterior with bathroom tissue. For us, that is walking out on a job half finished. I say men only because it is a subject that I have only discussed with my male confidants. I have yet to hear this subject broached in mixed company.

Now, it's been said that the function of advertising is to "comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable". Both parts of that statement have never been more true than in the case of wiping and cleaning one's posterior orifice. For the comfortably ignorant, you need only purchase and try one of the many moist towelette products that are now available and see for yourself the "residual sadness" that is left behind even after the thorough use of dry bathroom tissue. This does not discount the role of bathroom tissue. It plays an important role in what should be viewed as a two part process if one is to achieve an elevated level of hygiene.

I Just mentioned that there are many available brands, among them Preparation•H, Scott, Tucks and Wet Ones. I would like to share with you some thoughts to consider when selecting a brand.
• Size and shape? Square, round and rectangular are all available. I find that a rectangular sheet, large enough to be folded over twice for a second pass is best. No need to take chances or expose your wiping hand to unnecessary exposure.
• Scented or unscented? a lavender scent is nice, if you're a French Duke, but it's not for everyone.
• Some brands are available in individual travel packs for when you have to go, on the go.
• Some brands are flushable some are not. Use your head.
• And finally, Medicated? I am not a trained physician. You need to consult your doctor if you have special needs in this area.
With those things in mind I encourage you to be open to exploration and find a brand you're comfortable with.

For those of you who laugh, scoff or think this some kind of joke I respond only by saying, my a**hole is cleaner than yours.

To product manufacturers in this category, consider this an open invitation from an advertising team that is able and willing to help you exploit this untouched opportunity. Reach out to us. It's wide open.

Me mate in the UK, Nixta posted a link to this article in the comments of this post. I thought it was worth bringing to the fore.

Andrex offends readers with whiffy suggesti... LONDON – A press ad for Andrex's Moistened toilet paper, which featured the image of the rear of a man and women with the text 'Could you be cleaner?', has racked up 62 complaints that labelled it offensive and demeaning.

It appears that the UK is a step ahead of us when it comes to adressing this issues, but not without a little backlashing.

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Although not a spot, I did find this video on YouTube that adresses the subject.

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Nixta said...

Over here in the good ol' UK of A, they have started selling these things. Andrex Moistened. A direct, but I think ultimately misconceived branding which JWT produced some ads for:

I wish I could find a video or two of them. The ads that are referenced in that link are actually distinct from a tamer but still distinctly unusual campaign that followed with vox-pops of women in their lovely lavender bathrooms thinking out loud about the benefits of moistened TP for their bungholes. Most unusual was the brief shot of a woman actually sitting on her toilet discussing it (though the seat was down and her knickers up, it was still a double-taker of a scene).

I personally have a better smelling arsehole than you, since I use facial moisturising wipes rather than anything explicitly designed for the backside. My inner-buttock is like a young girl's cheek, but less sun-damaged.

Tom Sherman said...

You are twsited twisted man, and that's what I love

danimc said...

This has been discussed in mixed company...more than once.

The baby wipes used in the New York bunker ARE lavender scented, but The French Duke had little to do with that choice. I like to coordinate my various hygiene scents.

The question is-when will Americans fully discover the joy that is named...Bidet?

Anonymous said...

"...the path to enlightenment is through a clean asshole"

The Cap't

Anonymous said...
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