Sunday, August 13, 2006

Rotisseried Cow?

This photograph of a Rotisseried Cow (taken in Croatia) was recently sent to me from a friend.

The after shot.

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A special surpriseat the bottom of the post.


Nixta said...

Only the Croats. Skinning that bastard would require quite some technique, I'd imagine.

Freaks. Though it would make a fine meal for Obelix.

Is there a picture of it cooked?

Anonymous said...

FYI...The butchers were Slovenian. I kid you not.

Nixta said...

I demand proof! True Slovenians would never have allowed it to be cooked so thoroughly! We like our beef rare, or better still, raw, out of respect for the cow as much as in desperate hope for EU payouts on Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease incidence.

Anonymous said...

It appears that "true Slovenians" stand a better chance of collecting payouts on the old foot-in-mouth disease. ;)

Nixta said...

Unlikely. They're more likely to argue amongst themselves about who the fuck came up with the idea of blagging payouts in the first place, each declaring that everyone else's idea is a load of stinking crap. If we weren't so lazy we'd end up fat-slapping one-another in the pub all the time.

You can't even step out of the front door without someone offering an opinion on how it could have been done better - it's amazing how many neighbours pop out of the woodwork. Actually, it's amazing that our house got built at all.

But that's one trait we all shared in the old days: Everyone else was always wrong. Ahhh... Memories... Sweet monolithic concrete memories...