Monday, August 14, 2006


Slice, an all natural and organic pizzeria on Manhattan's UES has earned two distinctions from The Sherman Foundation.

1. TSF "I would put that in my mouth" restaurant recommendation.

2. TSF "Left a mark" advertising mark of excellence award.
I first saw one of their brochures about 6 months ago and was both fascinated and perplexed by this very unique piece of marketing. My first thought was that the owner/operator must be some sort of vegan hipster from the Netherlands. There is a certain "lost in translation" quality to the copy and illustrations. You get all the points that they're trying to make, you're just left with the impression that something has been slightly scrambled in the transmission. That a gap exists between your world and theirs. But hey, this is after all, all natural and organic pizza and the advertising is as unexpected and different as the products is from ordinary pizza. And both are perfect.

These are pages from Slice's brochure. Click on them to view larger in your browser window.

Guys, if you need one last reason to try the pizza at Slice, here it is. As it turns out the proprietor isn't a vegan hipster from the Netherlands, it's two hot sister's from Miami.

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