Friday, August 18, 2006

Snapshots of Humanity

MoBog is a mobile phone picture blog. Since anyone can post to it I've always seen it at a "snapshot of humanity". A read of what is important to people, a consensus of consciousness. Overall it reveals a mammalian, relentless preoccupation with sexuality and our own as well as other's monkey meats.

The work you find in NY's Chelsea galleries is cute, but it's strictly crafts. If you want to see the real art of our culture, what most of our energy and money pours into, you need to go due north and visit the Intrepid.

Our monolithic art, our Great Pyramids, are Aircraft Carriers, Battleships and ICBMs. Ours is the art of destruction. (People say I'm dark, but I'm just a man of the times.)

There is actually an interesting connection between the 2 examples cited in this post. Many technological advancements come from the Military sector. The Internet Super Highway grew out of the military's ARPANET. Pornographic images are an extremely popular content type online. I would argue that pornography has been a major force driving internet adoption. I would love to see a chart graphing dial-up and broadband adoption rates and what they would have been without pornography. How could this be modeled?

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Mario said...

Hullo, just started reasing your blog while looking for graohic design blogs. A very good question -in fact one that my boyfriend raised with me only a couple of days ago. I'm not sure how the relationship between pornography and increased internet use could be mapped either but if I find out I'll let you know. Aware that this post is 2 years old now, you may have found it yourself :) I find the blog thought provoking - oyu may have converted me to a blog reader!