Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Strategic Thinking: Send in the Clowns.

The Sherman Foundation briefly considered a t-shirt with the following slogan:

Jesus is Coming
Release the Hounds!

but we're gonna stick with

Jesus is Coming
Look Busy!

Not to get strategsticious but sometimes being clever and funny works better that brute force.
I recently came across the meaning of the phrase "send in the clowns".

Send in the Clowns
The phrase refers to a phrase reputedly used in a circus when an unforeseen disaster had occurred, with the clowns being sent in to distract the audience from the problem. Alternatively, the title could refer to the practice in vaudeville theatre of sending the clowns on to the stage to distract the audience after a particularly bad act.
Wikipedia entry:Send in the Clowns

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