Monday, August 07, 2006

Toy Concept: Mr. Shitforbrains

I had an idea for a toy a few years ago called "Mr. SHITforBRAINS". Its development status at The Foundation is "back-burner". Indefinitely.

Mr. Shitforbrains is a plastic head about the size of a football, mounted on a base so that it is stable during use. In terms of the character's look, I wanted him to be a dopey caricature of All-American masculinity. When I first saw American Dad I thought "that's him, that's Mr. SHITforBRAINS."

Mr. Shitforbrains brings together 2 much loved toys from my childhood. Mr. Potato Head and the Play-Doh Fun Factory.

The concept is really quite simple. The "hair piece" is removable, revealing an opening that allows or the insertion of "brain matter" into the cranial cavity. When the lever at the back of the skull is depressed it pushes the "brain matter" out the mouth and through template attachments that press it into fun shapes, letters of the alphabet.... Whatever. Its limited only by your imagination.

Here is the setup for the TV spot.
An 8 year old boy and his best friend are playing at the desk in his bedroom. The camera is actually peeking over the shoulder of his 11 year old sister who is in the hall spying through the cracked bedroom door. We hear the boys whispering, laughing, conspiring with Mr. Shitforbrains. The sister struggles to make out what they are saying, trying to get a peek at what they are doing. Finally, she reaches her breaking point, bursts through the door and takes a defiant stance. One arm is cocked akimbo and the other thrusts a defiant finger towards them and she shouts: "Mr. Shitforbrains, you're talkin' crap".
(We see that the boys have spelled out "talkin crap" in letters made with Mr. Shitforbrains.)


DaniMc said...

One of your best concepts, but I'm still waiting for the Cast 'n Blast to make it into sampling and production.

Scaramouch said...

I'll give you a toy concept for free that i guarantee would be a surefire winner. Seriously, I said this once in my house months ago, and it's become a meme with my kids. Ebarrassingly so. So here it is...

"Poop on a stick".

I tell you, be it novelty, candy or pet, every kid in america wants "Poop on a stick".

And I still maintain the custom crayolas was the best adult toy idea we ever had.