Friday, August 18, 2006

Web Site Concept: Guest Curator

There is lot of discussion about the "consumer as curator" applied to participatory media (iTunes playlists are an example off this) but I've yet to hear it applied directlyto art. My site concept, Guest Curator, does exactly that.

This project would be a joint effort between all the major museums of the world. The works from their collections would be compiled into a shared database. There would be links to text about the individual works as well as information about the artist.

Visitors to the site would be able to browse and keyword search the collections. They would also have the option of playing "guest curator" by creating an exhibit and adding works to it. They could create an exhibit of works by their favorite artists(s) or do an collection based on theme like "The Portrayal of Crocodiles Through the Ages".

"Real" museum curators would occasionally visit the created online exhibits and leave critiques, offer comments.

A contest could be held and the winner could have their exhibit created in a real museum.

Through this, museums would have the opportunity to see what kinds of interests people have in works and subjects. What if, through the site, museums could post works available for touring and people could donate funds to bring particular works to their city? A potentially intereting fundraising approach.

Books of the "exhibits" could be created via a iPhoto type printing on demand service. Posters, postcards etc of individual works would be available as well.

Q: What do each of these pieces have in common?

See "comments" for the answer.

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Tom Sherman said...

A: They were all created by artists that committed suicide.