Friday, September 08, 2006

Design Dictionary

Dani passed this along to be yesterday.

Carpet Friendly
In textiles, a design that is not too radical a departure from what cosumers are familiar with. A design that bridges or evolves from current accepted trends.

I am going to propose a related term,

Carpet Bagger
A design that threatens and scares consumers. A design that shits the rug so badly it must be "bagged" and disposed of.

a term I learned a few months back,

A concept that makes sense to the originator, but not you. "It's a dogwhistle, you can hear it, but I can't"

a classic Shemanism I invented last year

"Caesar says.... Lions"
A method of dismissing and "killing" a proposed idea. Must be executed with the outstretched "thumbs down" gesture.

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