Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Engineering Devices for Woman

As I am not a woman or a wearer of padded bras I am really not qualified to say whether or not this product is an example of over design and/or engineering. That said, when I look at the design of these cases for padded bras I do feel as if they lack the subtlety and refinement that the characteristic known as feminine should embody. Is this the work of misguided men or simply the necessary awkward solution to an awkward problem? Dani, thanks for sharing.

The Bra(g) website.

The same questions arise when I see the belt contraptions that were once used for menstrual belts.

Be sure and visit the Museum of Menstruation

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danimc said...

How anyone could have such problems packing their BRAS, and feel the need to transport them in the bra(g) fashion is beyond me. But I've never understood the runaway popularity of capri length cargo pants and platform flip-flops either, so it is possible that I am out of touch with what it is to be an American woman.

And you're welcome.