Monday, September 18, 2006

Google Curation

Every so often a word will produce a great collection of pics from a Google image search.

I call the process Google Curation.

The word CONTRAPTION produces a nice show.

This image, from the above set, is from a curated collection of images called "Chairspotting".

"Wheelchair" is a funny word. Wheelchairs are funny things. People in wheelchairs often look funny. Those are three good reasons why everybody should indulge in Britain's new favourite pastime: "chairspotting". You can chairspot passively by returning to this page once in a while. But, as with all hobbies, you'll enjoy the experience much more if you get out there and find your own cripple-chariots.

See the extemely un-PC Chairspotting page on Badgas.

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