Saturday, September 30, 2006

Human Directionals

I just listened to a piece called: 'Human Directionals' Twirling for Your Attention on NPR.

In one of its many forms, it is literally the use of people holding arrows and, gesturing frantically to get passerby attention and drive traffic to a business. They are becoming increasing popular in the real estate business.

Here is a link to a video called Street Moves about one such "active advertiser".

Here is a link to information about "human directionals" from a company called 1-800-great-ad.

The human-as-sign concept goes back at least as far as the 1800's.

Was reinterpreted by Yahoo in the early 2000's

and is NOT UN-RELATED to the practice of using mascots

rodeo clowns (to draw away attention)

and giant rats (to knaw through reason)


Human Directional said...
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Human Directional said...

Human Direcationals , also known as sign twirlers, sign flippers, banner shakers, and sign holders, are the ideal way to assure that all national advertising efforts direct the masses to your specific locations. Unlike conventional mediums of advertising, sign twirlers are twirling their signs directly at thousands whom have already seen the commercials and newspaper/magazine ads. They have longed for your product or service and are only an intersection away.

Why are sign twirlers so effective? First and foremost they are animated and alluring. Sign twirlers differ from your average sign or billboard which remains placid; their creative nature and animation captivates every set of eyes on the road producing maximum exposure.

Second, millions of dollars invested in research and development and consumer behavior show that the majority of Americans are impulse buyers. Our sign twirlers are twirling to thousands of impulse passer-byers. Only an intersection away, thousands are ready to buy and simply need to be pointed in the right direction.

I want Human Directionals for my business.

Sign Twirlers said...

Giant rats in NY? That's appropriate.