Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A note from your humble narrator

Blogging was interrupted for the past week due to some computer issues. (Laptops don't like to be dropped.)

I have had several people comment that I don't reveal much about my personal life or myself in my blog. That's true. The tales of woe and apocalypse are too much to reveal in a public forum. The penning of my memoirs has been an ongoing personal project for some time. The working title was "Tears of a Crocodile Clown" but was recently changed to "The Dead Me Scrolls" when I began posting it as a secret online diary that will be made public after my demise.

I thought as a back to school special I would offer up a little self reflection.

Mythological being I resemble most: Shiva
Like the tiny dancer of creation and destruction, every day for me is a playing-field coin toss, save the world or destroy it? (and with it myself) This is a result of my deep, festering beliefs in the power and beauty of creativity on one hand, and the crippling sense that, in the end, entropy prevails on the other.

Extremism is a hallmark of my style. I enjoy talking about post-structuralist theory as much as I like telling people to "pick the peanuts out of my poo", but don't ask me to play in the middle, it's overcrowded with boring bitches.

I do have moments of self censor in the writing of this blog. Usually in the area of politics. I am often tempted to point out the ridiculous bullshit in the world but it does little more than get people worked up. Here are two examples.

The Sherman Foundation Middle East Peace Plan calls for the over-financing of all sides to bring about mutual ensured destruction. Since all parties involved seem so committed to using violence as a means of problem solving and the west can't stop meddling and making it worse, let's take it all to its logical conclusion and be done with it.

The other plan I had was to encourage all people, all over the world to demand their holy lands back. I think it would be rather amusing to see how that plays out.

Maybe there is merit to these ideas after all.

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