Monday, October 30, 2006

Crystal Light Singles

A product innovation almost as smart as the Starbucks Caffeine Inhaler,

Given the way we now consume bottled water I'm dumbfounded that this approach has come along sooner. I was in a CVS when I saw these Crystal Light packets for bottled water. The smartest part of it is the placement on the door of the bottled water refrigerator door.


Anonymous said...

I'm persuing my MBA and in my innovation class we're studying the Crystal light case as an innovation. Would you happen to know anything else about it? like what was the driver for them to develop it? did they have any constrains?

Thomas Sherman said...

I can't give you any inside knowledge on the development, it certainly is an amazing idea.

The driver, most certainly to increase consumption. The beauty is that it makes the product a viable consideration option at many more moments in a consumers lives. Everyone carries around bottles of water, and the packets are small enough to be carries around all the time. The are also displayed where water is sold. The brand gets in front of prospects in an unexpected place.

The upside from a business perspective has to be decreased costs. Putting powder into small sealed packets is easy and cheap.

I would try and track down the brand manager for the crystal light. They might be willing to do an interview with you

Anonymous said...

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