Monday, October 16, 2006


Bono has launch yet another cause related venture called (PRODUCT) Red which partners with Apple, American Express and others to launch products that give a portion of their sales to help eliminate AIDS in Africa. (Noticeably absent is anything from the music industry including U2 albums.)

This is a good editorial piece on charitable accesorizing called: Ostentation of Charity

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Nixta said...

I have an Amex Red thingy. It doesn't cost any more than any other kind of Amex and I use it for my expenses. I'd be just as happy if it wasn't that lovely red colour, but it gave the Italian pharmacist ladies something to coo over. Bono edited a Red Independent when (PRODUCT)RED was released in the UK. It was shit, and full of anger and hypocrisy, but I didn't expect anything else.

He's apparently done it again since (on September 21st). Didn't read that one though, but I doubt it was any better.