Saturday, November 11, 2006

Escalating Impact

I was just listening to an NPR news story: Britain's MI5 Warns of 30 Possible Terrorist Attacks. The associations of Britain, MI5, and Bond came to mind and some thoughts crossed it, could this be a pump for the movie release next week? could you safely do something like blow up a building to create an impactful media event for something like a movie release? My thoughts were just mental meanderings, not serious proposals.

What's interesting is that citicisisms by some of MI5's disclosure about possible attacks were framed as an attempt by the organization to increase it's budgets. It has, like it or not, become second nature for us to look instantly for other angles whenever we are presented with a story and it has become accepted that framing and manipulation to gain competitive advantage are part of life.

It's getting tougher and tougher for people in industries that create awareness and arrest attention to get the job done. Everyone is in on the act and some of them are using more powerful tools.

Speaking of Bond...

The new film, Casino Royale, featuring Daniel Craig opens this week!!! (All you Clive Owen fans can bite it. He's a wuss) Layer Cake, although not a great movie, but good, sold me on Daniel Craig.

I've really dig the Chris Cornell title track "You Know My Name". Here is a link to an NPR story on the Bond movie tilte tracks.


Nick said...

Thank you. Clive Owen is a palm-licking pube-picking dog-tugger of a weak excuse for an action hero. He has a jawbone. So fucking what? So do I, and I don't have to be a cunt alongside Julia Roberts to prove it.

Croupier? Suck my Bahamas.

That is all.

Tom Sherman said...
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Tom Sherman said...

Nick, you've gone nuclear! and I love it!

Anonymous said...

have you ever considered if there would be any subtle character differences if james bond were black?

for example, if james bond were black, he could no longer be agent 007. that just would not be sufficient. no, he would have to be agent 009.5, at least.

also, what about the classic bond introduction. if bond were black, it would probably go something like this:

femme fatale: "and you are mister.....?"

jb: "bitch, I'm bond!"


Tom Sherman said...


who would your second choice to play that be?

Tom Sherman said...

I just saw Casino Royale. It was great and Daniel Craig was fantastic. I also really dug the opening titles, very graphic. I wanna go back just to watch those again.

Caesar gives it "thumbs up!"

Nick said...

Bond can't be black. Felix Leiter already did that.

Oh, and now I find he's done it again, although perhaps you could argue that he's never done it before in a "legit" Bond. Never Say Never Again was Connery in a Moore suit. Being Roger Connery just didn't work. Not next to Mr. Bean.

Yes. This mushroom cloud has reached the stratosphere, and now I'm going to strut my fear.

Eat it, children, and don't tell me it hurts.