Monday, November 20, 2006

Meltdown: Michael Richards

Michael Richards is the latest celebrity to have a total meltdown. An apology is not sufficient in this one.

All this time we thought that you could do harm to others and destroy lives by wishing ill, by creating likenesses and pushing pins into them. As it turns out the best way to destroy a human life is to give them recording and motion picture contracts, bestow them with celebrity status and have humankind globally unite and transfer massive amounts of conferred value and social status to them. Angelina, Brad, given your combined energies... if my calculations are correct... ouch, it's gonna leave a hole in the earth when it strikes you. Madonna, I saw that your concert video is being aired on regular old TV... you haven't got long sweetheart. (And you can't hide by disguising yourself as a Brit.)

See Also: ...Actors, Prostitutes and Lepers.

Lindsay Lohan continues to go sans panties despite the constant publication of photos of her private parts, Relentless shock and awe.

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