Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sherman Foundation Holiday Gift Guide 1

For the art lover in your life.

Tableware for the End of the World and Ceramic Firearms by Charles Kraft. Via Nixta.

These are available and on sale at a gallery on Lex in the Lennox Hill area of Manhattan. I would love a combined "monkeyDawg" beast. HMSQ, can you provide a proper definition of MoneyDawg?

See my post regarding the redefinition of Holidays Holiday Mash-ups.


Nick said...

I can't and won't take credit for that. That's all down to the Dani MC.

Tom Sherman said...

Dani 'll put you on the rock ROCK.

Anonymous said...

Monkeydawg is a life-science and technique that has been perfected by my partner in crime, Kirk (a-sprinkle-a-day) Kirkle.

According to Kirkle, Monkeydawg can be best defined as..."the alpha-male who is a total threat to other males because of his absolute dominance as it relates exclusively to the female. There is no escape for the female. They must and will be overrun. Their permission is not a prerequisite for the taking. A Monkeydawg KNOWS he can have them if he wants them. And he ALWAYS wants them! A Monkeydawg has no allies, except other Monkeydawgs.

If you need to even ask what a Monkeydawg is, chances are you aren't a Monkeydawg..."



Tom Sherman said...

LOL.... my, oh my

danimc said...

Hmmmmmmm...rock ROCK.