Monday, November 27, 2006

Toys (for kids) for parents

Dont get me wrong, I really dig the design of Brio's toys, I just wouldn't if I was still a child. Miss Snickerdoodle nailed it when she said to me "they look like toys designed for the parents not for the kids". You know the parental type, hell bent on choreographing their children's lives to fit their unrealistic fantasies of an idealized life.

Squiddo is a good case in point. Charming little toy (with a zip up mouth) that holds a cute train set that looks really, really boring to play with. It would be nice to think that your infant is going to sit serenely moving those little trains around that little track, but the truth is, they will probably use one to smash the others before hurling them all into the kitty litter.

The Brio site is well designed. Nice use of flash and video.

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