Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Visualization Tools

The New York Times has launched a new Market Snapshot Visualization Tool.

Smart Money's classic, Map of the Market

Newsmap. Nick Z, Thank for the tip off . This is dope.

New York Magazine's DIY Approval Matrix. A daily interactive feature that allows you to map trends along highbrow/lowbrow and brilliant/dispicable axes.


Nick Z. said...

Check out Newsmap too.


Tom Sherman said...

Thanks Nick. How long has this been around?

Tom Sherman said...
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Tom Sherman said...

Nick Z, what is the program at The College of Visual Arts like? Are you a student there?

Trevor Lohrbeer said...

Actually, Map of the Market was created by Mark Wattenberg, a brilliant visualization artist/researcher (see his personal websites here and here).

Ben Shneiderman invented treemaps, the visualization upon which Map of the Market is based.

Similarly, Lab Escape's Heat Map Explorer is a desktop tool that let's you create treemap visualizations like Map of the Market from any Excel spreadsheet.

[DISCLAIMER: I'm one of the founders of Lab Escape.]

Tom Sherman said...

Thanks for the correction and the comment.

Nick Z. said...

I found Newsmap about 3 years ago. Still use it everyday. It makes and every other news service website seem so ... slow.

I graduated from CVA in 2003. Been at Larsen Design Office ever since. I really liked the program there. They've been pumping out some of the best designers in the Twin Cities area for the past couple years.

Nick Z. said...

Here's another one I had almost forgot about