Wednesday, December 06, 2006

David Lubars Sucks (for Office max)

Some merry prankster uploaded BBDO's David Lubars into this OfficeMax site.


Anonymous said...

ya know what sucks?
bebe sucks
ask seagull

Anonymous said...

wait a minute, now. i can appreciate and agree with the discourse on david lubars. he is an asshole of the monumental sort. however, i will not sit here and allow you, or any other hotshit anonymous dreamer to insult bebe, the bastion of all that's good and holy in nyc. she is a an inspriation for the destitute, love deprived men of suburbia.

for fuck's sake, people, bebe is a goddamn institution, and if you don't believe me or the gull, i've got a black-light that can prove it.

so there...

Anonymous said...

that's what i ment, ya balloon knot sniffer

she literally sucks
bebe = mighty fine suck suck
whole village watch

love ya
mean it
nice shoes

Chus said...

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