Saturday, January 20, 2007

Banned Ads. Print Edition

Who can forget these gems from Calvin Klein (mid 90's). For me, it's the basement rec-room wood panelling that takes the implied narrative to a bad, bad place.


This Diesel ad, featuring a naked man's body being straddled by three pairs of women's legs, has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority.


PATRICK COX is denying that his latest ad was banned, since he only ever intended to run it once. The ad, which ran in the April issue of ID magazine, depicts two men wearing jock straps wrestling in a gym locker room behind the naked legs of Sophie Dahl. The Advertising Standards Authority investigated after receiving a complaint from a reader who said that the ad "seemed to depict an act of buggery".

VIA Vogue Uk


ELLE MACPHERSON is allowed to flash her underwear on television. New Zealand's Advertising Standards Authority this week rejected complaints that ads for the Australian supermodel's Intimates range, that screened at 7.45pm during a commercial break in the movie Toy Soldiers, could have an adverse effect on impressionable teenage boys.

VIA Vogue UK

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